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Lead is one of the most diffused metal in the world, in a wide range of chemical forms. All food, water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, food supplements contain lead in varying amounts.

Ammunition projectiles and bullets are obtained from metallic lead, representing only a small part of the total metallic lead consumption, which includes different uses such as for manufacturing batteries, glass, ceramics and so on. Metallic lead is a basic substance for the manufacturing of ammunition as it allows excellent ballistic performances and guarantees an optimal balance between performance, costs and safety of use.

Although the use of lead in ammunition is already highly regulated and its proper management in hunting and shooting sports minimize possible negative impacts on environment and health, it is very often subject to systematic requests for replacement with alternative materials, especially by non-governmental organizations, national and international political groups, as well as international conventions aimed at protecting the environment and animal species.

The purpose of this website is therefore to provide the reader with correct information on the use of lead in ammunition. There is in fact a general lack of information and/or misinformation about the good practices for metallic lead management already in use in the hunting and shooting sector, the real effects of metallic lead ingestion and the possible consequences that alternative materials could have on both the environment and human health, SINCE "LEAD-FREE" DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN "PROBLEM-FREE".